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EMU is a powerful and flexible eLearning platform that offers white-label sales and marketing services to owners of proprietary content who wish to create a dedicated online presence under their own brand.
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EMU meets a demand for medical institutions that wish to have a proprietary managed online presence that offers the following:

Distribution of content and connectivity of communities

  • Scale
  • User experience

Value-added services for administrators

Custom Sales & marketing expertise

  • Planning & strategy
  • Market access
  • Partnerships
  • Pricing

Community development & management

Market insights for product development

Curriculum development

  • Informed development of curriculum
  • Integration of curriculum
  • Longitudinal studies
case study

EMU has partnered with NYU Langone School of Medicine to enhance the impact of its WISE programs, WISE-MD and WISE-OnCall.  These programs are designed for institutions educating and training the next generation of physicians and medical professionals, offering a standardized and peer-reviewed solution through online learning and assessment tools.  Each program provides an in-depth look into clinical content and processes to establish a differential diagnosis and a common base of knowledge for learners. Institutions have used WISE programs as a part of learning and documentation programs that are mandated by the LCME and ACGME guidelines. 


Currently used by two thirds of US medical schools for their 3rd year surgery clerkships, EMU has contributed its strategy, marketing and analytics expertise to strengthen the WISE-MD brand and expand into new markets, and is on track to deliver 25% revenue growth in the first 6 months.


EMU has launched and grown their newest program WISE-OnCall, for preparing senior medical students and junior residents for the responsibilities of residency. Powered by EMU’s customized Learning Management System (LMS), suite of analytics tools and proprietary marketing strategy, NYU and EMU rolled out the WISE-OnCall content through a pilot study that included 50+ institutions.

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